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Our Offer


We offer 3 easy packages, no hidden costs.


0 Euro
+ Room Rent*

  • Furnished accommodation
    on arrival.


100 Euros (one time)
+ Room Rent*

  • Furnished accommodation on arrival.
  • Logistical and translation assistance in Anmeldung (City Registration).
  • Logistical and translation assistance in opening a bank account.
  • Help in getting medical insurance.
  • Detailed personalized checklist for arrival in Berlin.

Premium +

250 Euros (one time)
+ Room Rent*

  • Furnished accommodation on arrival.
  • Full bedding included (Mattress, Pillow, Blankets), Toiletries, 1 warm meal.
  • End to end service (our on ground executive will personally take you for the appointments and ensure speedy and timely completion of the below services):
  • Anmeldung (City Registration).
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Help in procuring and activating a SIM card.
  • Help in drafting and replying to emails or letters in German for first 2 months after arrival.
  • Detailed personalized checklist for arrival in berlin.
  • Instant access to detailed guide for arrival in berlin (Job and Students).

***Room rent depends on the room you have choosen. Our rooms in Berlin start at 355 Euros and our rooms in Herzogenaurach start at 325 Euros. Once you contact us we will send you options along with rents of the available rooms.***

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Guest Reviews

My experience with Divya Mittal’s accommodation and on-ground services, has been amazing. Moving continents is often very stressful and Divya made the experience extremely pleasing. She went an extra-mile and ensured warm food for us on arrival into the room. On top of it I got 100% of my security deposit back within 5 weeks of vacating the apartment.


We are 2 students and arrived in Berlin in September-2020, almost at the peak of the pandemic. Eazy Homes arranged airport pick-up, fully-furnished accommodation along with bedding. We had issues in our blocked bank account and Eazy Homes helped even that although this wasn’t in their scope of work.


Eazy Homes, Berlin is absolutely fantastic! I used their accommodation service in Jan-2020 and can definitely recommend them. I got a wonderful apartment right at the center of Berlin. I lost my passport and had to go to the police station a few times, they also helped us with that. I once lost my apartment key at 11:00pm on a Sunday, within an hour the key maker was at the door to open the apartment.

Elza Anwander

I moved to Berlin in August-2020 and it was a great experience. Divya arranged the accommodation for us upfront, we directly went to our fully furnished room after landing. Within 2 weeks of arriving we had our Anmeldung, bank account and medical insurance done with the help of Divya.