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The System

How it works

Simple and clear 8 step process to secure your accommodation as soon as you land.


Choose the package

Select our Classic, Premium or Premium+ offer depending on your budget and needs


Fill the form

Fill out our Contact Us form so that we know you better and thereby serve you better.


Choose a suitable option

Choose your arrival city and type of accommodation you are interested in.


Make the payment

Our support agent will reach out to you and share our bank account details. Once you receive our bank account details, you can initiate a payment. We only accept payments via bank transfer to our company’s bank account in Germany, India or United Kingdom.


Send us your identification documents

Send us a scanned copy of your passport, visa, letter of admission (only applicable for students) and last 3 salary statements.


Receive confirmation

You will receive a email confirmation once we receive the documents and the payment is reflecting in our account.


Digital Contract

You will receive the rental contract within 1 day of confirmation.


Your arrival

Your receive your anmeldung document, keys to the apartment and other services (if pre booked as part of the package offer).

Sounds good? Choose the package or fill in the form

Need more reasons?

We are in the business for 11+ years and are successfully catering to more than 35+ active tenancies at any point of time. We are a Berlin registered company and comply to all German rules of tenancy and data protection.

In addition we are 96% carbon neutral already. We plan to hit 98% mark very soon.


As a trusted organization, we only accept payments via wire transfer. We accept transfers to our company’s bank accounts in Germany,United Kingdom or India. Money will always be held in our company account. You will receive receipts of payments, and you only pay for what is in your rental contract. We will provide details of the people who will take care of you when you arrive.


Our support is available in English and German.You can reach out to us via email or fill the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


Secure Payments

You only pay us via age-old trusted payment option of bank transfer. Everything is fully trackable and you get a receipt from us as soon as the money reflects our bank account. We don’t accept cash or other means of transactions which aren’t secure or aren’t fully trackable.

Our Guarantee

We provide you with fraud protection and complete agreement cancellation guarantee.

Fraud Protection

If you do not get your room or services as mentioned in your contract then you get 100% of the money back within 7 days of you reporting the issue to us. The money will be sent to the original transfer source.


Scenario 1: Visa rejections : If your visa gets rejected by the embassy then send us a letter of the embassy which states that the visa has been declined. We then refund you 75% of the money paid.

Scenario 2: If your travel dates change and you inform us 14 days before move – in then you have to pay 50% of the rent of the choose property for the days you have booked but not stayed. There needs to be a valid reason along with documented proof of change of travel dates. Valid reasons include‐Cancellation by airlines and medical reasons.